Birding Is My Favorite Video Game

Cartoons about the Natural World from Bird and Moon

paperback, 112 pages

Published April 17, 2018 by Andrews McMeel Publishing.

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5 stars (2 reviews)

Amusing science cartoons about the natural world including animal dating profiles, wildlife wine pairings, threat displays of completely non-threatening animals, why hammerhead sharks have hammer heads, and much more.

Birding is My Favorite Video Game is a collection of fun, quasi-educational comics combining weird science facts, cute visuals, sweet wit, and a strong environmental message. Based on the popular webcomic Bird and Moon, this collection does for biology what XKCD does for math and Hark! A Vagrant does for history.

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A fun collection of short cartoons about nature (not just birds!)

5 stars

A fun collection of short cartoons about nature (not just birds!) collected from the cartoonist's website, Bird and Moon. Most of them are funny, riffing on oddities of various animals and plants, or on misconceptions people often have, but there are a few serious ones in there about climate change. Some of the longer ones are easier to read online because they've been shrunk down to fit on the small page size.

Some of my favorites from this collection include: - Red-Tail Blues - I've seen crows trying to hassle a less-than-impressed hawk on several occasions! - Attenborough - Ironically, I read this one in David Attenborough's voice. - When I Grow Up - It's good to have goals. - Versus - Monarch vs Milkweed! - Northern Pygmy Owl

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A collection of funny and thoughtful nature comics.

4 stars

A funny and entertaining collection of comics originally published on the Bird and Moon website [ ]. The information contained in most of the comics are factual, but they are presented in an entertaining way that will make them stick in your mind.

But not all the comics are funny; those dealing with environmental degradation and climate change are definitely not meant to be funny, but are thoughtfully presented.

You will definitely learn something new from the various comics in the book. The website is, of course, still worth visiting for new comics not featured in the book.