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The Rust Programming Language (Paperback, 2019, No Starch Press) 5 stars

The Rust Programming Language is the official book on Rust: an open source systems programming …

An excellent book that introduces the Rust programming language.

5 stars

An excellent book that introduces the Rust programming language and why its features can make it a compelling systems level programming language. The book assumes the reader has some programming experience, so it doesn't go into basic programming concepts, but instead shows how Rust handles some standard programming tasks in a safer (and maybe better) way than other systems programming languages.

Rust's explicit use of ownership and keeping track of lifetimes enable the language to detect and alert programmers at compile time about issues with their code that would lead to memory access problems that are a major source of bugs in programs. Rust does not eliminate all bugs, but getting rid of memory access related bugs would be good for programming in general.

After covering those essential aspects of the language, the book then goes into some details about the ecosystem around Rust: separating code into libraries, producing test …

Clarkesworld Issue 198 (EBook, 2023, Wyrm Pulishing) 4 stars

A better than average issue

4 stars

A better than average issue, with good stories by Bo Balder, Angela Liu, Fiona Moore, Shih-Li Kow and Isabel J. Kim.

  • "Love in the Season of New Dance" by Bo Balder: a researcher on an alien planet sees the awakening of an alien for a one in a lifetime mating ritual. But the alien has woken too early, and all the researcher can do is provide comfort for the alien until its death. But the alien makes a final request that the researcher decides to fulfil.

  • "Pinocchio Photography" by Angela Liu: a morbid, but fascinating story of a time when cadavers can be bought back to 'life' using drone technology to act out final requests in a photo shoot. One woman who works to take the photos, while studying for medicine, discovers that she has to fulfil a final request from his father that would involve her work and her …

Existential Physics (2022, Penguin Publishing Group) 3 stars

A book that poses interesting questions and gives fascinating answers.

3 stars

An interesting book where the author tackles some of the essential questions, and what does physics have to say about them. The author is careful to state what current day physics can actually say, before pulling in more ideas that are, in her view, not supported by the data or evidence that we know about the workings of the universe.

In a series of chapters, questions about the past, present and future (time), how the universe began, free will and consciousness are asked and answered. More speculative questions posed include whether the universe itself can think and whether humans are predictable.

You may or may not agree with her conclusions, but posing and trying to answer the questions will give you an idea about the limits of current day physics. And perhaps we have to accept that some questions may never have adequate answers.

Interzone #294 (January 2023) (EBook, 2023, MYY Press) 3 stars

Interzone publishes fantastika from all over the planet.

Interzone #294 features writing by Daniel Bennett, …

A better than average first issue of Interzone under new management.

3 stars

A better than average first issue of Interzone under new management. Some interesting stories here by J.F. Sebastian, Kat Clay, Daniel Bennett and a possible non-fiction piece by Liviu Surugiu.

  • "The Disappeared" by J.F. Sebastian: a story that starts with a migrant that survived a boat disaster but mourns the deaths of his family. Then things begin to turn strange as the people in his camp (and the world) 'forget' about his dead family and then his relatives. Finally, only he remembers anything about them, and he fears to go to sleep and end up forgotten.

  • "Murder by Proxy" by Philip Fracassi: a gruesome murder investigation by a detective leads to an unusual suspect who may have hidden plans to do more murders by proxy unless they can be stopped.

  • "The Black Box Killer" by Kat Clay: in the future where committing a crime gets your name redacted from history, …