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Gay crow, I h8 cops, not a girl

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Angela Y. Davis: Are Prisons Obsolete? (Paperback, 2003, Seven Stories Press) 5 stars

With her characteristic brilliance, grace and radical audacity, Angela Y. Davis has put the case …

Absolutely essential reading for anyone interested in prison abolition!

5 stars

I've been around prison abolitionists, and researched a little into prison abolition prior to reading, but this book still greatly improved my understanding of the topic. It's clear that the modern prison abolition movement is built around the tenets that Davis lists here, and you've probably picked up on some of them through osmosis, but I guarantee there's still stuff in here for you.

Imogen Binnie: Nevada (2022, Farrar, Straus & Giroux) 5 stars

Frustrated by her current relationship, trans lesbian Maria Griffiths decides to change her life by …

I actually kin Maria Griffiths

5 stars

Sometimes you read a book that turns out to just be a series of call-out posts about your life. Sometimes you watch the main character struggle through life in her self-destructive patterns and you think "god that's me". Sometimes you have to put down a book for a moment to google "Am I dissociating?" "What is dissociation like" "How to tell when you're dissociating"

Seriously I fucking loved this book though. It described feelings about myself and life and sitting on a bicycle in the middle of the city at night not quite sure where you're going that I've never seen described before, and it was just an incredible read.