Tricia Hersey: Rest Is Resistance (2022, Octopus Publishing Group) No rating

Far too many of us have claimed productivity as the cornerstone of success. Brainwashed by …

I was a bit disappointed in this "manifesto." I am a big fan of The Nap Ministry and their message, and fundamentally I do think rest should be intentionally centered in community care. But this book doesn't really do that message justice.

The structure and flow of the ideas was a bit confusing - it repeats itself often.

I wish there could have been more anecdotes or practical advice around organizing community care.

I think with a "rest is resistance" message, it can very easily be co-opted by hyper-individualist culture, and I felt the book did not take the necessary care to prevent that message from potentially being distorted.

I'm not really good at writing critiques, and again I'm a fan of the message itself, but I just did not enjoy reading this and did not care to finish.