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Terry Pratchett: Mort (2012, Corgi) 4 stars

Death takes on an apprentice who's an individual thinker.

Review of 'Mort'

4 stars

This is such an amazing book (my first Terry Pratchett book), would have given it a 5/5, but the last 20-30 pages just falls apart pacing wise and depends on some rushed exposition crammed into the last 2-3 pages that I had to open up the plot of the book on Wikipedia to understand it, the end also just feels out of place with the rest of the book. The first like 90% however has to be one of the most enjoyable reads I've ever had, every page (up to those last few) a pure joy.

Robert Jordan: Lord of Chaos (The Wheel of Time, Book 6) (Paperback, 1995, Tor Fantasy) 4 stars

The Wheel of Time turns and Ages come and go, leaving memories that become legend. …

Another wonder of worldbuilding

4 stars

Very good world building, as with all wheel of time books. There are a couple major revelations that happen towards the end, but otherwise this book feels a lot less dense with events than the previous, like as if not much actually happens in it. Yet it manages to still feel like it never presses the brakes, its a weird feeling, but was still a very good book. I look forwards to the next.

Robert Jordan: The Fires of Heaven (Hardcover, 1993, TOR) 4 stars

Cover Description: In this sequel to the phenomenal New York Times bestseller The Shadow Rising, …

Sparse of plot at certain points, but the characters interactions easily carry it, also introduces some interesting lore, but thats WoT in general. There are some weird small time skips towards the end which feel out of place for Robert's usual level of detail.