Remaking Society

224 pages

English language

Published April 8, 2023 by AK Press Distribution, AK Press.

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4 stars (1 review)

1 edition

Impressive(ly outdated)

4 stars

While quite inspiring and empowering, with a clear view and concept for a more emancipatory, ecological and free society and a critique of the ways current society is killing us, itself and the non-human world beside it, it's message sadly gets tainted by several outdated views on pre-state humanity and it's evolution, confusing dismissal of gender as revolutionary agent and the weird westerners typical fascination with Athenian democracy as inspiring - even with its shortcomings (which just so happen to be actual slavery, complete exclusion of all women and any non Athenian male) Worthwhile if specifically interested in bookchins communalism or as a complete novice to ecoanarchism.