Digital Minimalism

On Living Better with Less Technology

Paperback, 286 pages

English language

Published Feb. 6, 2019 by Penguin Books, Limited.


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Most of us know that addiction to digital tools is costing us both productivity and peace. But giving them up completely isn't realistic.

We're addicted to texting, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter not because we're stupid or shallow, but because they provide real value in the form of connection, community, affirmation, and information. Instagram is how you see new photos of your school friend's baby. Texting is how you let your mum know you're safe in a storm. Twitter is how you hear about breaking news in your industry. But these tools can also disrupt our ability to focus on meaningful work and live fully in the present. Must we choose between one or the other?

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  • Information technology
  • Internet addiction
  • Technological innovations
  • Internet, social aspects
  • Technology, social aspects