H. Beam Piper

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March 23, 1904
Nov. 6, 1964

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Henry Beam Piper was born in Altoona, Pennsylvania, in 1904, and died, an apparent suicide, in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, in 1964. Piper's first published story, "Time and Time Again" (Astounding Science Fiction, April 1947), was adapted for radio and aired on the NBC program Dimension X on 12 July, 1951, and again on the NBC program X Minus One on 11 January, 1956. His historical essay "Rebel Raider," published in True: The Men's Magazine in 1950, inspired the fictional teleplay Willie and the Yank, a three-part mini-series which aired on Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color in January 1967 (and was later released theatrically as Mosby's Marauders). His first novel was the 1953 mystery Murder in the Gunroom and his science-fiction novel Little Fuzzywas nominated for a Hugo Award in 1963. Piper made his living working for the Pennsylvania Railroad and was a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA), the New York Authors' Club, and the Hydra Club.

Piper occasionally attended the annual World Science Fiction Convention, attending the 1957 WorldCon in London with his wife. He also attended the 1962 WorldCon in Chicago and the 1963 WorldCon in Washington, DC.

After Piper's death, the intellectual property rights to his …

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