On the Arab-Jew, Palestine, and Other Displacements

Selected Writings of Ella Shohat

464 pages

English language

Published Oct. 2, 2017 by Pluto Press.

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"Defying the binary and Eurocentric view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Ella Shohat's work, as a whole, dares to engage the deeper historical and cultural questions swirling around colonialism, Orientalism, and nationalism. Spanning several decades, Shohat's work has introduced conceptual frameworks that have fundamentally challenged the conventional understandings of Arabs and Jews, Palestine, Zionism, and the Middle East. Collected now in a single volume, this book gathers together some of her most influential political essays, interviews, speeches, testimonies, and memoirs for the first time"--

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  • Jewish diaspora
  • Arabs
  • Arab-Israeli conflict
  • Migrations
  • Zionism
  • Social conditions
  • Mizrahim
  • History


  • Israel
  • Middle East