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your friendly queer neighborhood auntie. native german speaker. reads for fun & education, more english than German these days.

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Down and out in the Magic Kingdom (2003, Tor) 4 stars

Read Down & Out in the Magic Kingdom online at the Internet Archive.

From …

Amusing read... but not Doctorow's best.

4 stars

I was entertained by this highly speculative fiction, although it had its lengthy moments. I must give Doctorow credit for spinning the tale to its most logical end, and being very stringent in his world-building. However, I like his writing best when he's contemporary and political.

The Bullet Journal Method (Hardcover, 2018, Portfolio) 5 stars

For years Ryder Carroll tried countless organizing systems, Online and off, but none of them …

The one productivity method that works for me

5 stars

I encountered the BulletJournal method in 2016, and originally, I resisted it a bit, despite my curiosity... I have tried so many methods to stay on top of my tasks and feel like my life isn't spinning out of control on a regular basis. Some worked ok, some frustrated me thoroughly, some were just too high-maintenance (looking at GTD here), and having my productivity system fall apart was a pretty regular experience.

I'm glad I yielded to that curiosity. Like Carroll, I have ADHD, and somehow my brain responds better to a handwriting-(on-paper-)based approach than to digital tools. I also need an approach that provides structure and clarity, while being flexible enough to adapt to my needs and easy enough to keep it up as a daily habit.

The Bullet Journal method is a cross-over between a to-do list, a journal, project planning and, if you want to, even a …

Deep Work (2016, Little, Brown Book Group) 4 stars

One of the most valuable skills in our economy is becoming increasingly rare. If you …

A plea for focused work - from a very privileged perspective

3 stars

I read this book because I wanted to learn more about making use of deeply focused work. This book delivered only partially. There are some interesting pointers on how to integrate more highly-focused work into your life and how to expand your mental capabilities... but a lot of them will be exponentially harder for neurodivergent people, and the suggestions for integrating more "deep work" are probably not feasible for people who have caretaker responsability or people in precarized work. Nearly all of his success stories are people who have a pretty high degree of privilege to begin with.

In the first part, I got annoyed with his sales pitch for deep work - I already knew it was something potentially beneficial and open-plan offices are horrible. Maybe he needed to make this sales pitch because corporate culture is so invested in inhumane, focus-destroying work practices?

I also don't get his …

E-book extra: In-depth study guide.Shevek, a brilliant physicist, decides to take action. He will seek …

One of the books I want to keep returning to

5 stars

I first read this book 20 years ago in a German translation and liked it a lot, but I didn't get a lot of it. Now, reading the English original and having had more of a political education, at first I was: "Is this book as good as I remember it?", but then, I enjoyed it even more.

I love that it's not an unbroken utopia and the ending leaves some things open. I also liked how it shows how power-laden relationships and positions can inadvertently creep back into a society that's not supposed to have them.